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The objective of the Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) is to prevent unauthorized carriage of explosives and incendiary devices in the cargo consignments intended for carriage by commercial aircraft. RAR has been introduced since March 2000. There are around 1500 RAs registered with CAD as of July 2019.

ICAO Annex 17 Standard 4.6.1 stats that “Each Contracting State shall ensure that appropriate security controls, including screening where practicable, are applied to cargo and mail, prior to their being loaded onto an aircraft engaged in commercial air transport operations.” – Hong Kong as a contracting state, any cargo and mail loaded onto Cargo or Passenger commercial aircraft must adhere to above standard.

A Regulated Agent (RA) can be applied by cargo handling agent, freight forwarder, or other entity that deal with aircraft operators (airlines) and bridges the gap between consignor and aircraft operator.


  1. On-site RAR inspection
  2. Pre-CAD inspection assessment
  3. Change of Regulated Agent Security Program (RASP)