With the escalating threats from terrorist attacks, cargo thefts and frauds, it is a necessity to be equipped with a competent and robust security management system across the supply chain. In light of the prevailing situation, APCA is obliged to provide significant support and guidance for our clients, agents and collaboration as to ensure a higher level of security.

APCA is a consultancy firm that provides advisory assistance and administers relevant government regulatory certification services to stakeholders in the airfreight logistics segment in Hong Kong.  To fulfil stakeholders’ specifications, our supporting services are as follows:

  1. Readiness for EU RA3 Programme;
  2. Readiness for EU KC3 Programme
  3. Readiness for US Aviation Security Programme (TSA);
  4. Readiness for TAPA, IATA, ISO, C-TPAT and AEO certification;
  5. Arrange for the deployment of K9 (Canine) to perform additional security screening;
  6. Smart-tech to supplement the X-ray screening;
  7. Readiness for Regulated Agent Regime Programme (RAR) certification;
  8. Readiness for Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility Programme (RACSF) certification;
  9. Readiness for Known Consignor Programme (KC) certification;
  10. Arrange for the Insurance for Warehouse Operators; and
  11. Company accounting services and taxation services.


Our team members have accumulated substantial experiences in the aviation security industry and possess a high degree of integrity and performance. Also, we are dedicated to pioneer exemplary works and to provide professional services. Our observations on aviation security issues will be shared and we are sincerely committed to customer services and consumer’s satisfaction.