SmartTech® X-ray Screener Support

In today’s heightened threat environment, perimeter security is vital for the protection of your people, property and assets. Any items entering your facility, whether at the entrance, mailroom, press room or loading dock, must be screened for potential threats, such as IEDs, guns, knives and other types of contraband. A successful X-ray screening program requires expert analysis.

Be Sure of What You’re Seeing

MSA Security’s SmartTech® enhances X-ray screening operations by providing instant access to veteran bomb technicians. The patented technology connects your X-ray machine directly to MSA’s around-the-clock Emergency Operations Center. If an X-ray screener sees something suspicious or unusual during the interpretation process, he or she can request assistance from a certified bomb technician in real time. Images, audio and text are transmitted over a secure link to the MSA SmartTech® Emergency Operations Center where bomb technicians assist with analysis.

To further enhance X-ray screening programs, SmartTech® subscriptions include an annual basic X-ray interpretation courses, delivered in person or online. The course covers the SmartTech® system, terrorist tradecraft, basic X-ray interpretation, and the composition of improvised explosive devices. MSA also offers all SmartTech® customers our Explosive Digest Newsletter, produced by bomb technicians who gather and vet open source intelligence reports from around the world on a daily basis. The newsletter is intended to serve as a continuing educational tool for screeners and security professionals, discussing trends in terrorism and explosive screening.


Consult with MSA’s Emergency Operations Center on critical screening decisions

  • Decrease expensive business disruptions
  • Decrease unnecessary evacuations
  • Enhance the security of your business and safety of your employees

Why Choose SmartTech® for Your X-ray Screening

SmartTech® provides enormous value in preventing unnecessary evacuations by properly identifying suspicious items. The cost of an unnecessary evacuation can quickly escalate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and substantially damage your brand. The annual subscription price of SmartTech® is a fraction of this expense and provides your facility with protection 24/7/365.

Why Choose SmartTech® for Your X-ray Screening

It is simply not realistic to expect every facility equipped with an X-ray machine to have a bomb technician on staff to examine millions of packages every year. SmartTech® solves that problem.

Instantly Consult with Experts

Now, any time an X-ray operator feels unsure about the contents of a scanned package, SmartTech® allows them to instantly “consult with the experts.”

FBI-trained Bomb Technicians

MSA’s SmartTech® team is comprised of FBI-trained Bomb Technicians, with hundreds of years combined experience identifying threats. Without doubt, they are one of the most experienced and skilled team of bomb experts currently assembled. With SmartTech®, that team is working on your behalf.

How SmartTech® Works

How SmartTech® Works

“SmartTech® is a three tier application that communicates across the internet securely via 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure secure, private connections for image, voice and text message communications.”

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