APCA Accounting Service

Bookkeeping, preparing year end tax return often creates chaos for a lot of SMEs, its not just about to stay compliant, but its also an opportunity to save money in accordance to the tax regulations.

You could potentially save from the following items:

  • Territorial source
  • Capital Gain
  • Group Relief
  • Loss set-off
  • Expense deduction
  • Administrative expenses
  • Bad Debt
  • Finance expense
  • Fixed assets

The Tax assessment Cycle:

  1. Issuance of Profit Tax Return (PTR)
  2. Filing of PTR
  3. Should you fail to file tax return, the assessed amount will be an estimate on chargeable profit and also prosecution.
  4. Assess first, then query later.
  5. Payment of tax or launch a holdover.

Have your accounts be up to date and compliant to IRD requirements, our Bookkeeping and account services provides high-quality, accurate and timely financial information for you, so you may focus on your business.


    Company Incorporation

    Hong Kong is one of the location where set up of a company is fast, easy, and affordable. It can take as little as 24 hours to establish a private limited company.
    Accounting & Payroll

    Facing the challenge of hiring knowledgeable staff to handle accounting and payroll?

    There are lots of items where you may save when dealing with Profit Tax Return.

    Your Hong Kong company must have its accounts audited by a certified public accountant (CPA) each year.
    Company Secretary

    We are able to provide both a location and secretarial service, so you may focus on what’s important and let us take care of the rest.
    Corporate Finance