Accounting Plus Airline Upstream Warehouse Assessment Service Enhance your AVSEC compliance in Hong Kong

Service Features

  • Upstream Warehouse Supervisory Services

  • Consulting, Planning & Management
  • Liaising with Upstream Service Providers (RF)


  • Minimize the AVSEC management cost

  • Saving from re-screening cost, time and liability

  • Shorten cargo arrival time from 24 hours to 7 hours before flight

  • No SSI disclosure required

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Accounting Plus Airline Station / Flight Management Service Jump-start your air service in Hong Kong and shorten your ground time

  • Representation & Supervisory Services
  • Consulting, Planning & Management
  • Flights Permits & Slots Coordination
  • Liaising with Service Providers (Cargo Terminal Operator, Ramp Handling Operator and Aircraft Refueller, etc)
  • Supervision, Coordination & Administration of Services Contracted by Airline with 3rd Parties Service Providers
  • Facilities & Airlines Equipment Management
  • Crew transportation & rest arrangement
  • Close contact crew coordination and repatriation
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