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  • Airlines inspection preparation (CX / CV / EK / PO /RH)


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Accounting Plus EU / UK RA3 Consulting Service

  • Supervisory Services

  • Consulting, Planning & Management

  • Supervision, Coordination & Administration of Services Contracted by warehouse with 3rd Parties Service Providers

  • ACC3 / RA3 / KC3 Security Awareness Training

  • Pre-Audit

  • Independent Validator arrangement

Accounting Plus TAPA FSR TSR

Accounting Plus TAPA FSR / TSR Consulting Service

  • Accounting Plus – Registered TAPA Security Service Provider

  • Supervisory Services

  • Consulting, Planning & Management

  • Supervision, Coordination & Administration of Services Contracted by warehouse with external auditor

  • Pre-Audit

  • Independent Audit Body (IAB) arrangement

ACC3 stands for “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport”, a designation required in order for these carriers to fly cargo into or through the European Union. The same applies for Ground Handling Operators (RA3) or Known Consigner (KC3).Beginning 1 July 2014, Air carriers that fly cargo or mail from a non-EU airport to an EU airport (ACC3s ) must ensure that all cargo and mail carried to the EU is physically screened or comes from a secure supply chain which is validated according to the EU regulations.[/

In October 2010, two improvised explosive devices (homemade bombs) were transported as air cargo consignments and were intercepted at airports in the Middle-East and Europe before they could do any harm.

The EU ACC3 programme conducts Risk-based measures. It currently does not apply “to cargo and mail operations from origins with robust aviation security measures and with an established low risk, as identified through an EU Risk Assessment”. Currently the EU ACC3 programme does not apply to Hong Kong. However, ongoing assessments are being conducted and such status may change at any time.

The entity may submit the relevant cargo or mail handling activities to an EU aviation security validation itself. The EU aviation security validator will use a standardized checklist to assess whether the entity has succeeded in complying with the necessary security objectives. This designation is valid for 3 years.  The entity provides the ACC3 (carrier) concerned with a copy of the validation report.

Accounting Plus offer you accredited EU Independent Validator who have completed the IATA training requirements. This training and authentication qualifies them to perform the EU Aviation Security Validation for ACC3/RA3/KC3.

Before the on-site validation starts, a document check will be performed to prove all significant information about the air carrier and to make sure that the ACC3 Program complies with the EU regulations:

  • Organisation and responsibilities
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Acceptance Procedures
  • Screening
  • High Risk Cargo or Mail (HRCM)
  • Protection of secured air cargo and mail
  • Documentation
  • Transportation

After the examination of the documents, an on-site visit will be arranged. Here, the proper enforcement of aviation security measures in regards to relevant airfreight handling according to the checklist of the Commission Regulation will be reviewed.

After the on-site validation, the checklist will be provided to the air carrier for comments and finally the report will be send to the appropriate authority. If the appropriate authority is satisfied with the results of the validation report, the ACC3 will be entered into the EU database with an unique alphanumeric identifier (UAI).