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At Accounting Plus, we offer a comprehensive funder matching service that connects clients with the right funders to support their working capital needs. Our extensive network of funders includes private investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and other types of funding sources.

Our process begins by assessing the client’s business plan and financial situation to determine the best funding options available. We then leverage our connections and expertise to identify funders who match the client’s needs and preferences. We also assist the client in preparing a strong business plan that showcases their strengths and aligns with the funder’s requirements.

One key advantage of our funder matching service is that no collateral is needed. This means that clients can access funding without putting their assets at risk. Instead, our focus is on building a strong case for funding based on the client’s business plan and potential for growth.

Our funder matching service is designed to help clients navigate the complex world of business funding and secure the capital they need to achieve their goals. With our expertise and network, clients can feel confident that they are in good hands and on the path to success. If you’re ready to take the next step towards securing the right funder for your business, contact us today to learn more about our funder matching service and how we can assist you in building a solid business plan that attracts the right funding.


  • Monthly revenue: HKD$1M to 100M+
  • Local / Cross-border sales or services
  • Trade in tangible goods or services
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  • Food and Beverage Finance Case

    Funder approved HKD 20 million monthly Food and Beverage reverse factoring facility for a listed Food and Beverage corporation in Hong Kong. The facility will be used to stable their supplier in this upside down economy. Supplier can immediately convert an invoice into cash, rather than waiting until the due [...]

  • Trade Finance Case

    Funder approved USD 7 million monthly trade factoring facility for an international manufacturer. The facility will be used to support its trade credit as well as its operations. Client has a business growth for 30% annually without any collateral pledged or guarantee executed and the overall financial costs has been [...]

  • accounting_plus_post

    Supply Chain Finance Case

    Funder approved USD 5 million monthly Supply Chain factoring facility for an Hong Kong freight forwarder. The facility will be used to support its trade credit as well as its operations. With the factoring finance arrangement, forwarder could minimize the working capital and only need the first tranche of operating [...]

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