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HKCAD RAR Training

10 February, 2023

@ 9:00 am

1:30 pm


Who Should attend:

Minimum Staff Training Requirements for RAs – In accordance with the regulations set by the Civil Aviation Department, each Regulated Agent (RA) must have a minimum of two staff members who have completed the RA Revalidation Test or an acceptable RA Security Training Programme.

Validity and Revalidation of Certificates – Upon completion of the RA Revalidation Test or Training Programme, passing Notifications or training certificates are issued to individual candidates. These certificates carry a validity of three years, and RAs are required to ensure their staff members attend the Test or complete the Training Programme again for revalidation before the expiration of the certificate.

Replacement Staff Training Requirements – If trained staff members leave an RA company, the RA is responsible for arranging training for their replacement staff within three months to comply with the training requirements.

Responsibility of Trained Staff Members – Staff members who have passed the Test or completed the Training Programme are responsible for briefing other staff members with access to consignment designated as air cargo and/or related shipping documents.

In-house Refresher Training and Record-Keeping – It is the responsibility of RAs to arrange in-house refresher training to ensure their staff members are continuously familiarized with the RAR requirements, and to maintain training records.

Medium of instruction

Conduct in Cantonese with English course materials Examination at the end of the course.

Ensure compliance and safety for air cargo and shipping documents – take action today to train your staff and comply with regulations!

Bookings close 1 day before the session starts.

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