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APAC’s export engine is fading in 2023
  • Weaker Economic Growth: Slowing global economy due to the rapid pace of rate hikes and inflation.
  • Expect No Recession: Moody’s Analytics expect Asia Pacific to avoid a recession, except for New Zealand.
  • Decreasing Exports: Some electronic goods produced in the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore are no longer in high demand.
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India needs a resilient supply chain
  • India Becoming A Multimodal Logistics Hub: Government launched new infrastructure projects such as Sagarmala for waterways, Bharatmala for roads, and Dedicated Freight Corridor.
  • Digitalizing Supply Chains: India aims to enable trucking firms operate electronically and help shippers create optimized value chain.
  • Right Technology Partner: Firms are advised to work with providers with deep expertise in logistic execution and visibility.
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Vietnam logistic speeds up post-pandemic
  • Industry Booms: Occupancy rate for warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi last year was over 90%.
  • Further Use Of Automation: Developed countries use automation to cut costs in half compared to Vietnam.
  • Logistic Share Growing: Vietnam’s logistics industry is anticipated to grow 15-20% annually by 2025, when it reaches $80 billion.
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Asia Airline hacked and data was stolen
  • Ransomware Attack On Airline: Ransomware group withheld customer information against the airline.
  • Leaked Data: Cybercriminal wants threatened to leak network information, privately and publicly available on forums.
  • Lack of Standard: Hacker was irritated by the network’s disorganized structure and the lack of standards.

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