Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) has inaugurated the largest dedicated pharma handling centre at the Hong Kong International Airport with an official opening ceremony on 9th November. The Pharma Handling Centre, located at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, spans over 1250 square metres and boasts an impressive annual capacity of 235,000 tonnes of pharmaceuticals. The facility’s size more than doubles CPSL’s total cold storage capacity, making it an essential component of the company’s cargo operations.

The Pharma Handling Centre features an innovative design with over 60 temperature sensors linked to a real-time web-based monitoring system to ensure that cargo remains at the controlled ambient temperature at all times. The centre also features virtually airtight sealed truck dock shelters to maintain temperature during acceptance and delivery, making it a state-of-the-art facility. Direct airside access via the integrated Controller Handling System ensures optimal efficiency, while the innovative suspended mobile power chargers ensure active container charging before onward flights. CPSL is also committed to maintaining energy-efficient operations through the use of non-ozone depleting HFC references and 420 high-thermal insulation panels.

The CPSL Pharma Handling Centre sets a new standard for the transportation and handling of pharmaceuticals and reinforces Hong Kong’s position as a leading air cargo logistics hub. The facility’s capabilities and innovative design provide CPSL with a competitive advantage in the pharma logistics market, while also enabling the company to meet the growing demand for pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive cargo. To learn more about the CPSL Pharma Handling Centre, follow the link in the comment section.